Acquisitions, Sales, and Exchanges

At the heart of our practice is the representation of real estate investors and developers in the acquisition and disposition of properties across the country in virtually every asset class, including retail, office, industrial, restaurant, hospitality and multifamily residential properties. We are also regularly engaged for our ability to effectively and efficiently manage complex multi-state portfolio transactions. Our practice encompasses the drafting and negotiation of complex purchase and sale agreements. Whether a one-off shopping center or a portfolio of a hundred-plus retail properties, we assist our clients in performing all due diligence activities relating to the acquisition or disposition of property, such as (i) performing a detailed examination of all title and survey matters relating to the property, (ii) confirming that all approvals for the property have been obtained from the applicable governmental agencies to use and operate the property for its intended purpose, (iii) analyzing compliance with existing entitlements and zoning, (iv) reviewing all leases and preparing abstracts to identify material matters, (iv) reviewing all reports relating to the environmental condition of the property, (v) consulting with our clients regarding any relevant tax concerns, (vi) and providing guidance on financing issues.

We utilize a practical and business-oriented approach that focuses on achieving our client’s desired goals and business considerations. Our attorneys use their knowledge and expertise to structure each transaction to maximize our clients’ return on their investment and tailor protections based upon our clients’ risk tolerance. For every deal, we strive to efficiently close the transaction in the most expeditious and cost-effective manner as possible.